Self love and it’s Spiritual Connection

Connecting You with You!

The more I learn about self-love, the more I wonder why we don’t teach it in schools. If children grew up with a strong sense of self-love, they would see themselves as spiritual beings. They would not suffer from low self-esteem, insecurities, or depression. They would know that they are made in the image of *** and created to be successful in life. But this is not the case for many people. They are stuck in a world of self-hate and don’t even realize it. This blog will look at the spiritual connection to self-love.

When we talk about self-love, we have a good scope of discussion about what exactly it is and how self-love can change our lives.

Let’s first understand what self-love is: Self-love is all about embracing your imperfections. And accepting who you are.

There is no typical science behind it. In simple words, it is the easiest thing, but only if you truly accept yourself.

 Spirituality has an awe-inspiring impact if one believes in it wholeheartedly. In this blog, I am talking about what is Self love and what is the spiritual connection with self love.

To understand it in a simple analogy, know that you’re living in a temporary home, i.e., your body.

 And If you want a clear understanding of what self-love is, know that the answer lies in spirituality. By turning to spirituality, one can learn the power of self-love.

Spiritually speaking, self-love is accepting the divinity residing inside you and surrendering to the power of oneness. Spirituality gives you the freedom to connect with yourself. Once you know who you are, you start accepting the beauty of the divine’s creation.

Self-love is the key, and it is important to practice self-love every single moment of our every day. This can be hard at first because most of us are resistant to loving ourselves. We have self-deprecating thoughts about self-love, which make things hard for us to understand. However, when we are on the journey of spirituality, the door for self-love automatically opens up.

From my understanding, you cannot understand divinity if you don’t know why you should love yourself.

The reason why I am saying this is because I struggled a lot to understand what self-love is until I finally got its meaning. We all have to accept that there is this force or energy or universe that’s holding us all together.

Have you ever thought?

How come we never have to worry about our next breath?

How is everything happening automatically?

We never have to ask our bodies to digest the food we eat. Do we?

Then who is it that’s taking care of these things? Now scientifically, you may name a few body functionalities, but my question remains the same, who is taking care of that body function?

We need to understand that each of us is being taken care of by the universe. The universe is taking care of everything inside and outside. Whether if it is our body or the outside world. Everything is happening according to how the universe wants it to.

A human has an entire universe residing inside. We all are born with a treasure known as tranquility, peace, or bliss inside. Surprisingly, it starts with self-love. When we wholeheartedly accept ourselves, we place our faith in the universe.

We accept the divinity living inside, and that’s when the magic starts happening. We start loving ourselves.

By self-love, you love the divine’s creation. And you accept the power of the universe.

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