Loving Yourself: Breaking the chains of self-sabotage

Self-love is a form of internal self-nurturing and acceptance.

In life, loving yourself can be the most challenging thing to do. Because we are not taught that. Anything that we are not familiar with can become difficult for us to understand. However, it is not something that’s new. It has always been there. 

The power of self-love has always been shared by our spiritual gurus and great scholars. But being oblivion of its miraculous power, we never considered ourselves to be worthy of it. Or, if I am to put it in simple words—we never thought self-love could save us from the chains of self-sabotage. In this blog, I will discuss breaking the self-destructive habits that become a hindrance to self-love. 

Self-destructive behavior is a daunting topic. It wouldn’t be wrong to admit that I may not be the first person and certainly not the last who has gone through the self-destructive behavior. I have been someone who never really understood self-love meaning and how to love myself. 

I often found myself pushing people away from my life and live in my own self-made comfort zone. I didn’t talk to people about my troubles or anxiety. I curled up myself in a boundary where there was only me and my self sabotaging voice. There was only darkness and no one around. 

It surprises me how I spent years living in that dark era without knowing that I was only hurting myself. That’s perhaps the lesson of life—I think I was meant to learn it the hard way. Anyway, now that I am here much better than how I was—I feel everyone should accept themselves and understand self-love meaning. 

This is why this blog is written for you. If you are someone who always doubts yourself, who always fears the judgment behavior of others, and do self-pity, then you need to STOP doing it. 

These are the self-destructive habits that we intentionally or unintentionally follow in life. Other examples of self-destructive habits are Self-doubt, negative mindset, failing to take action, forced incompetence, self-harm, refusing to accept help, unnecessary self-sacrifice, suppressing your emotions, and many others. 

When we entertain these habits, we for sure dig our own grave. Yes, we might not realize it for some time, but when we do, it might be too late. 

These habits are the biggest hindrance in the self-love journey. Hence, it’s more than essential to work on quitting these habits. Now the question is, how can we replace or quit these habits? The answer is in one word SELF-LOVE.

How can we break self-destructive habits?

Replacing all the bad habits with the good ones. Whenever you suffer from self-pity, remind yourself that it’s okay to feel so, but you should stop it. 

Accept that you have flaws and you are not perfect. Once you fully prepare your mindset related to this—you will feel peace. There will be no one to whom you need to show yourself or prove your worth. You will automatically understand that I am sufficient for myself. 

When you start accepting that it’s totally normal for you to go through these emotions—you give yourself a chance to bloom. Self-love is like that. Self-love gives you internal self-nurturing and patience. 

Loving yourself is the most beautiful thing that any human can ever do to themselves. It is the key to happiness and life. 

Remember, self-love is a way to peace. 

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