A journey of pure companionship, true love, soul bonding, and sacrifices. How two entrepreneurs discovered their life’s purpose through their passion for machines, software, and the latest technology. People love them for who they are, but life took a U-turn when their companionship got broken, and they face pain, heartbreak, betrayals and cruelty of the world they are living in.

    Friendship turns into Love, and love turns into a curse.



    The story revolves around a famous celebrity who suddenly vanishes from his glamorous life and sets off on the journey to find answers to his questions and a woman who has a simple yet attractive perception to look at things. Her life is all about work, books and in the remaining time, Watching dramas or movies.

    What will happen when her fantasies suddenly come true and that too hundreds of miles away from her home, on the soil of Iceland?

  • Lockdown Diaries: Fading Life


    The series follows the lives of the doctors who had to look after their patients while staying away from their respective families. The series discusses the trauma, pain, struggle, hardship, emotional breakdown, seeing uncountable deaths, chaos, etc., that every frontline health worker faced alongside the corona warriors, their families, and people who lost their lives.

  • Fault of Being Reticent


    Read FOBR, if you want to go on a journey where being a people pleaser ruined the life of an innocent woman, and where misunderstanding won over the real bonding. Know more about Ana, RV and Harry in Fault of being Reticent available on playstore as FOBR.

    Download by clicking here: FOBR – Apps on Google Play