“I hope to be the vibrant colours of the rainbow after a wild storm.
Allow me a chance to be the reason for your smile today”.
~Gurpreet Kaur

The world isn’t what it used to be. A deadly disease—taking the world by storm – people losing their loved ones – losing jobs – chaos all over. Everyone is in pain fighting their own battles. However, through the end of the tunnel, there is a glimmer of hope!

I want to be one such hope. Where people can find harmony. Where people forget their stress and make peace with reality. Where they can be happy and free. And a place where they can learn how to deal with their life’s problems through the lessons given in my books.

This platform is designed to reassure people that they aren’t alone! You aren’t alone. Come, connect with books, as they will enlighten you. Books that will surprise and understand you. Where you will find answers to the questions deep inside your minds.

I may not be able to change the direction of your life, but if I can change one thought, my job is done! A thought that urges you to take control of your life and alter it. Because thoughts are enormously powerful—powerful enough to change your lives forever.

My vision

Problems are a reality of life. There is no escape to it. The only option we have is to face it with strength. My characters depict the reality of our lives. You, me, and each person you see or know is struggling with something. My characters have the power to encourage you on how to overcome life’s challenges.

What’s a life without troubles and problems? Allow my characters to change you for the better. Discover a new version of yourself through the eyes of my characters.

Reading books are the best way to detach from the world and make your own. It’s a soul-satisfying experience that money won’t buy.

What else could be better than learning through books?

So, come out of your comfort zone and embrace the world of books! For they don’t judge you. For they understand your emotions. For they take you along an unforgettable journey where there is love, hope, positivity, and energy.

No journey of life is filled with roses and petals. There are bound to be ups and downs. I aim to brighten your day and make it a tad bit better.

Explore the world of books – fiction, non-fiction, blogs, and so much more for you, my readers.

Break from reality and soak yourself in the mysterious characters of my books. Learn the art of living in a fantasy world! Let yourself loose and engage in thought-provoking reads to make your life better.

Every book has a different story and phase to tell to guide you through the hardships of life. Every word on Gianagurpreet is written to bring a positive impact on your life and to make you see the beauty of life despite all hardships.

So, grab your coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy my reads! 

Make books your best friends, for they won’t leave you when everything else can!


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